"Carmen Maria" family was born during the five weeks of Type@Paris, and his name is a tribute to my wife (the original Carmen Maria), who accompanied me on this adventure. This type family is based on carolingian calligraphy, traced, redrawn and developed finally in a humanistic serif font family with a calligraphic flavour. I invite you to look that at the axis, terminals and ductus but with a contemporary features as a moderated height on the ascendents and descendants.

The result are two typefaces, designed for publications about the history of typography on the modern times. They complement each other. Regular, nicely balanced and historically inspired, works perfectly on body text. The second one is a regular variant with high-contrast (thanks to the advice of Jean François Porchez), perfect for fancy headlines and display.

Now, I'm working to complete the family of the both variants for being totally useful for editorial use.

Thanks to Jean François Porchez, Malou Verlomme, Mathieu Réguer and Julien Priez and the guest critics for their guidance and advice during this great experience.

Still in production.